Hello Foodies!

Who am I?

I am a working mum. A mother to three young children and the main carer of an elderly disabled person.

My family all have different tastes when it comes to food and I like to cater for them all without being in the kitchen for too long!

I try to feed them a variety of healthy meals but one of the obstacles I think we all face when trying to eat more healthily is the time it takes to actually prepare a healthy meal. If you already don't like the idea of cooking (you shouldn't be here! :)), then making a nutritious meal is even more of a daunting task. All is not lost! It is possible to cook delicious meals without having to slave over a hot stove for too long!

The task of cooking can sometimes take hours with many pots and pans to wash up in the process, only for the food to be devoured within minutes!

Having said that, I understand the importance of not resorting to frozen or processed food but to also be in and out of the kitchen. The end result, a

yummy dish on the table before hollering , "Dinner's ready!". This is my daily challenge and I embrace it!

I actually love rich Indian food, but I know it doesn't love me (or my waistline!), hence the desire to make these dishes with a healthy slant.

It can be done. Why use cream when you can use yoghurt? Why cook with so much oil when a little olive oil will suffice? Why fry savouries when

you can bake them? I think you can see where I'm going with this.

Being from a Pakistani / desi background, I have grown up eating curries, chappatis and rice. My recipes place emphasis on Indian flavours for a busy modern lifestyle rather than authentic Indian meals which I just don't have the time or energy for.

Here you will learn how to prepare a variety of dishes from a healthy wholemeal chilli pizza for one to a luscious lamb curry for a family of four! These recipes have to be quick and simple as most evenings I only have half an hour to rustle up something for the family.

I hope you enjoy my recipes and look forward to your feedback.

Raise your masala teacups, here's to Hanifas Kitchen!