About Me

I am a working mother of three children and have a husband who enjoys good food. With boys having energetic hobbies (Judo and Football) and my husband being very health conscious (minus the odd biscuit or two!), I need to ensure healthy and wholesome food is on our table most days of the week.

Having a healthy and balanced diet is key to our daily lifestyle, hence I have made my kitchen a hub for good healthy cooking. Couple this with my passion for Indian cuisine, you’ve got yourself good, honest healthy home cooking.

The recipes place emphasis on indian flavours for a busy modern lifestyle rather than authentic Indian meals.
They vary from knocking up a wholemeal pizza for one to a luscious lamb curry for a family of four! Most importantly, these recipes need to be quick and easy to prepare as my husband and I don’t have much time what with working full time and bringing up three children, the youngest only being six months old !

I invite you to sample some of these recipes and make your own minds up. I know you will not be disappointed.
You will be surprised at how swiftly you can create a mouth-watering meal in minutes that will appeal to family and friends.

Any comments and feedback will be greatly appreciated.
Feel free to suggest improvements to any of these recipes

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